Every good product company needs a good product manufacturing partner.

Your EMS partner must be reliable, competent, and at the cutting edge of technology whilst remaining competitive. 

Entrust us with your products: from startups to the largest brands, whether it is starting with R&D, purchasing or industrialization, ALL Circuits offers an end-to-end, tailor-made solution delivered globally. Each engagement is uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Why compromise when you can have it ALL? 

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25 years of automotive & industrial experience

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ALL Circuits provides design services in four main areas, each ready to adapt to the customer's needs, from software development to hardware development, to mechanical design and onto human machine interface and DFX (design for excellence). 

Delivering ALL technologies and ALL volumes to ALL markets. ALL Circuits customer focused culture ensures that we develop cutting edge technologies customized for each project. From SMT to product assembly and packaging, from logistics to aftermarket support, every part of the process is designed and optimized around the customer.

Connected technology like smart cars, smart homes and smart cities need to be manufactured in smart factories. ALL Circuits is ready for the next industrial revolution. 

ALL Circuits is 2,000 experienced, skilled, dedicated staff, motivated and empowered to deliver your solution to your end user. 

We believe that sometimes you can have it ALL.

An end-to-end tailor made service, delivered globally

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